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Artist's statement, Jen Gagne

This is what Jen looks like today. Really.My unique, dangerous animal art sculpture reveals my obsession with zoology, and insects in particular. Many of my specimens have blades for wings, fishhooks for stingers. The precious metal wire used is sterling silver, 14KT gold filled, or niobium and the blades are steel.

Biology has always fascinated me, and even as a kid I was always collecting and keeping insects, taking care of my aquarium, and creating zoology-inspired art. Art and zoology have always tied together. Now that I've focused on insects as sculpture, my art expresses that childhood fascination with insects to the utmost. Real life insects are dangerous little sculptures made by nature, some as beautiful and unique as any art we see in museums. Beyond that mystique, they're also intimidating in their own tiny way -- the sudden, unexpected discovery of an insect close by can be startling. Other arthropods like spiders and scorpions aren't pricenically bugs, but they still make great subjects.

Recently I've begun to create larger sculptures, as well as sculptures depicting fish, birds, and other animals. I've also been experimenting with "biomechanical" fossil sculpture imprints in concrete.

My work has won several awards, including second place in an international art competition. As an art major in college, I was awarded one of the two available Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships. While I was there, I picked up a second degree in marine biology.

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