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Spring Landscape Celebration

Spring is fast approaching, and it is time to enjoy the fresh blossoms, cool breezes, and new art selections!  Enjoy!

"Spring Meadow" - Dorothy Hershman
Colored Pencil on Paper, [ Prints: $37.00 ]
"Elk Creek - Scenic One" - Larry Seiler
Watercolor on Paper, [ Original: $75.00 ]
"Sunrise Banquet" - L. Diane Johnson
Acrylic on Canvas, [ Original: $3600.00 ]
"Spring in the Hamptons" - Sherrie Lemay-Mitchell
Oil on Canvas, [ Original: $250.00 ]

March Featured Artist: Jen Gagne
"All my life I've been intensely interested in art, always drawing, sculpting, or printing something. Having the support of my enthusiastic parents and teachers, there were encouraging successes along the way. My work won several awards, among them second place in an international art competition. As an art major in college I was awarded one of the two available Creative and Performing Arts Scholarships. While I was there I picked up a second degree in biology, although studio art has always been my primary drive. I am particularly interested in sculpture and printmaking."

Insect Specimen 1110, Paradoxus Amphicirrus
Silver wire, steel blades, vintage watch mechanism

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