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Gallery of dangerous insect sculpture, and other arthropod art

Biologically-inspired dangerous sculpture, wire and blades

Click the sculpture of your choice to see more details.

Specimen 01131 Specimen 01130 Specimen 01129 Specimen JD01128 Specimen JD01127 Specimen JD01126 Specimen JD01125 Specimen JD01124 Specimen JD01123 Specimen JD01122 Specimen JD01121 Specimen JD01120 Specimen JD01119 Specimen JD01118 Specimen JD01117 Specimen JD01116 Specimen JD01115 Specimen JD01114 Specimen JD01113 Specimen JD01112 Specimen JD01111 Specimen JD01110 Specimen JD01109 Specimen JD01108 Specimen JD01107 Specimen JD01106 Specimen JD01105 Specimen JD01104 Specimen JD01103

Sales: Sorry, I no longer create physical artwork and I have nothing left for sale...

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